The Laundry Room – Feilding is a high-end self-service Laundromat conveniently located within the Feilding city centre at 25 Manchester Square, Feilding.

With plenty of parking, covered walkways lead to the front door of the laundromat next to Property Brokers, The Rosebowl Bakery & Cafe and Shosha.

24hrs 7 Days

Purchase and Top Up your Green Card on site using the Value Add Centre



Small (8kg) $4.00                                 $2.00

Large (18kg) $8.00                               $6.00

Extra-Large (28kg) $10.00                    $8.00

+ $1.00 for Heavy Duty


                                                                 DRYING SPECIAL
Small (14kg) $4.00 for 25 minutes                  $3.00
Large (22kg) $5.00 for 25 minutes                  $4.00

Self-Service Laundromat in Feilding

At The Laundry Room in Feilding we cater for all you’re washing and drying needs whether it’s a small load of clothing to washing and drying large blankets and pillows.

Our laundromat is fitted out with new, high capacity machines which provide efficient, environmentally friendly washing and drying which are also soft on laundry.

The machines at our Feilding laundrette are operated using Green Cards which can be purchased and topped up using the on-site Value Add Centre. The Green Cards work similar to pay wave by holding the card over the reader on the Washers and Dryers. Green Cards can be easily stored in a wallet or purse.

The Feilding town centre not only offers a range of shops but also a green reserve for all the family to enjoy. Located a short drive from Halcombe, Cheltenham, Colyton, Sanson, or Bulls, the Feilding Laundromat is easily accessible all year round.

Opening hours are 24 hours 7 days a week, making washing and drying easy early in the morning or late at night to fit around busy schedules.