Return of the Laundromat: The Increasing Popularity of Self-Service Laundry

A Little Laundry History

There was a time when self-service laundromats were as common as coffee shops: every neighbourhood had at least one.

After the very first self-service laundromat was introduced in America in the 1930s, their popularity exploded around the country, and then the world. It’s fitting this new business venture came about during the Depression: before this, you would have to pay businesses to not only wash and dry, but also fold and press your clothes.

During the Great Depression, it became too expensive to have this complete service, so the idea of only having to pay for the cleaning part was desirable. Then the Depression ended, modern technology advanced and self-service laundromats went out of fashion. The affordability and ease of washing machines and dryers in the home rose and people started doing more of their washing at home, sending the ‘important stuff’ to dry cleaners.

The Laundromat’s Comeback

Today, the tide is changing again. Electricity is a huge household expense and, within that facet, laundry is one of the costliest appliances. This is especially true in winter, when clothes don’t seem to dry on the line, so even good intentions result in another round of the power zapping drying machine.

Enter a modern twist on an old concept: the laundromat.

Benefits of Self-Service Laundromats:

• saves money
• able to accommodate a large load of laundry
• able to wash large items like blankets and pillows
• saves time with quicker, more efficient commercial machines
• an affordable option for tourists

Modern Laundromats

Of course, it is no longer the 1930s, so the self-service laundromat of today has evolved from its original source. Today we don’t use coin-operated machines, instead opting for more convenient digital Smart Card payment systems. We are also more concerned with sustainability, which is why modern commercial washing machines are 20 percent more efficient than home-based washers. And because everyone’s job and lifestyle varies, laundromats are open seven days a week, from early morning until late at night.

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